How can I set Breeze not to cache data related to the mail queue?


I’m using the following setup:

  • The SMTP Mailing Queue plugin, with a cron job set on the server to process the queue every 3 minutes (based on a conversation here)
  • Caldera Forms
  • WooCommerce

However, occasionally I get an error from the form stating that the input token is invalid. I understand that’s due to caching. However, I am using Breeze+Caldera on another site with no issues.

When the form does successfully submit, the emails are enqueued, but at least on occasion do not send until the Breeze cache is cleared.

Is there any way to set Breeze not to cache whatever files are involved with the queue?


Hello @lucash,

Please share your registered email address so our engineers can reproduce the issue?



@ibad.rehman, it’s I have two accounts and for simplicity stayed logged in to the other one to post in this forum.