HostCamp for Wp Hosts

Just an FYI - Don’t know if Cloudways are aware, but there is a hostcamp specifically for WordPress hosting companies to discuss the future of WP hosting.

(I’m not affiliated/involved in any capacity)

Hi Paul,

Thanks for letting us know.

I see the event is invitation only, are you participating in the event?

  • Ahsan

No, I’m nothing to do with it just passing it on as a Cloudways and WP user.

There is an ‘Apply’ form at the bottom of the page you can submit if you want to go.

Okay, I have applied to attend it and also talked to a person already going there. It is happening a day before WordCamp EU. We should be able to attend it.

Thanks again!

Great, glad I could help :slight_smile:
If its really sucessful, remember where you heard it first :wink: