Hide My WP - No IP Info for Intrusions

Hello community friends!
I’ve got Hide my WP plugin installed it has built in intrusion detection. However, it will give an intrusion alert and shows that the intrusion IP is local host. Is there a way to fix this so that the IPs can be banned?

Thanks for the help.

I got this resolved through support. Had to add function code to function.php file.


Mind sharing the code here? Thanks!

Hi @delonnkoh.dev, I’m actually still working through this with live chat. It seems that code isn’t helping or there is something else going on. I’ll report back when I get some solid results.

@erich_197 Here’s fix.

Hi ,
I’ve tried this (currently have it in my wp-config and this is not showing the IP address of “intrusion attempts”. It simply shows the local host ip address.