Help with Redirection Plugin


[THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED. I would delete this post, but I don’t see an option to do so.]

I’m in the middle of moving from Squarespace to WordPress. I would like to use the Redirection plugin to manage the 301 redirects. I would like the plugin to write the redirects to my .htaccess file, and I have the redirects configured as such (selected the Apache module). But, my .htaccess is not being modified. I’m coming across some problems, and the documentation is rather sparse, so I don’t know if some of this is normal behavior. Here are my questions/issues:

(1) In the options, there is a field to “Enter the full path and filename if you want Redirection to automatically update your .htaccess.” This field resets if, after saving my input, I navigate away from the page. As it is, it has a placeholder path to the directory that has the .htacess, but it does not contain the filename.

(2) When I test a redirect by inputting the old URL in my browser, I am redirected to the new URL. However, the plugin logs that as a 404 error instead of a redirect.

(3) It may be the permissions of my .htaccess. They are 644. What should the permissions be to allow the plugin to write to .htaccess? How would I change permissions if needed?

(4)It may be Wordfence. Any idea how to configure Wordfence to allow Redirection to write to .htaccess?