Help! No one can help me, my site is damaged and i feel like I'm talking to the wall

I moved to Cloudways few days ago and since then everything has gone bad! My page broke, now the desktop version is semi ok but content is missing and i found really strange plugins like ’ Hello Dolly’s that i evener installed. Woo commerce plugin is gone. My mobile version is broken. All category pages lost its Elementor layout. It’s a mess! I can’t even fix it cos when i access it from my desktop it looks ok. I wrote a 6 k post i was supposed to publish today, gone. I had great colab opportunity to build links, gone. The whole layout shifted and it looks like Elementor stopped working on mobile, but I don’t know how to fix it. All since i moved to Cloudways. I’m on tickets with them for 2 days now, Everytime i get a response it’s someone else who is sorry. I worrked so hard for 2 years, only now my traffic started going up and I’m about to lose it all. This site is everything i have. They blame Ezoic and asked me if I want to keep using Ezoic. Only people who don’t understand the world of blogging would ask a question like this. It’s the only way i can monetize my blog right now. I feel like I’m hitting my head against the wall. I’m looking for alternative but dont want to transferring broken website. Any one can help? I run out of solutions :frowning: