Having trouble migrating


I could use some help with migrating my site.

I’m attempting to use the plugin and receiving the error “We are unable to contact the source site. Due to this the migration cannot be completed.”

I assumed this might have to do with Sucuri, as I am behind their firewall. I contacted their support and they told me that they weren’t seeing any requests from a plugin, and gave me instructions for whitelisting the plugin. I did that, but I am still receiving the error.

I also tried doing the migration manually using Duplicator. The first time I tried, none of my plugins were imported (they were missing, not just deactivated), though it appears I had the pages, posts, and database. Additionally, none of my media library was loading.

I tried again following Duplicator’s instructions to delete all files in the root except for the installer and archive. That didn’t go well, as when I got to the final step (admin login) it couldn’t find the page.

At that point, I decided it might be best that I contact Cloudways and have them do the migration. But I can’t even open the page to create a request, because the page is just spinning out with this message:

“This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. This process is automatic, you will be redirected to the requested URL once the validation process is complete.”

But I am never validated. It just spins.

At this point, I’m not sure what to do from here. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much!


I was able to access the request migration page from Edge. Does anyone know why I can’t be validated when using Chrome? In any case, hopefully the team will get me set up soon.


Have you tried using the official Cloudways WordPress migrator plugin? I’ve migrated several WP sites across to Cloudways using this without any issues whatsoever.

Yes unfortunately the migrator plugin was what gave me the error, “We are unable to contact the source site. Due to this the migration cannot be completed.”

Hi Christy,

Did the plugin work for you? Or are you still seeing the errors?

  • Ahsan

You can try these 3 methods for migrating your website:

  1. Migrating WordPress Manually
    Uploading WordPress Files
    WordPress Database Migration
    Tackling The Tricky Bit
    Finalizing The Process
    Settling In

  2. Migrating WordPress Site Using SSH
    What Is SSH/Command Line?
    Accessing the Command Line
    Navigating to WordPress directory
    Taking the WordPress files Backup
    Taking the Database backup
    Installing WordPress on the New Server
    Moving WordPress Site to New Server
    Importing Database to New Server

  3. Migrating Via WordPress Command Line
    Taking the WordPress files Backup
    Import WordPress Files to Cloudways
    Taking the Database backup
    Searching and Replacing URLs on New Server
    Hope this is helpful!