Having slow load time in wordpress

It usually takes way long than this but I wanted to share the loading time on my wordpress. I have cleared cache and everything is up to date. Also using CDN. Earlier I did a pingdom test and got a D grade. You can view the video from the link below.

What is your server / host ?

I use Cloudways Digital Ocean.

To get a solution, much more detail is needed. In your case, its most probably Transients or the database being in need of clean up. Unfortunately fixing the above may require a professional.

Its possible you have a cache setting set for your admin.
Its VERY possible a plugin is the cause. And most probable.
You can be suffering bot issues.
Another issue which is also most probable is your memory and other php related settings, especially for the admin end, which is different than the front end mem needs. You may think you have these settings correct, but 9 out of 10 times they are not, or not adequate.

The slowness is probably a mix of the above. You can spend weeks trying to figure it out, but a professional can fix it in 60 minutes. Probably.

If you have experience and want a little guidance, I can possibly send you in the right direction. But if you aren’t familiar with mysql or editing server files, Id suggest passing it on.

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Hi jbaer, Well database gets cleaned every time I use it and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my CDN and Breeze plugin. I have tested all plugins (disabled each one) and I know I had a problem with one last week so I removed it but as for now that is my guess. It still is not clear to me on how to set the CDN up and someone did explain it to me (I wanted to hide the stackpathcdn link) but not sure as some tutorials say make A record and Cname record and well to me the pointing would make sense to add stackpath and point that to cdn.mydomain but that is not how its done. Also, your right I may have had cache settings set to admin but I have disabled the entire plugin for now and removed my CDN.

  1. You can be suffering bot issues: What?
  2. Another issue which is also most probable is your memory and other php related settings: You may think you have these settings correct. Ok, so how do I find out if they are set right? I use Elegant Themes and Divi and we have specific settings we have to use for the theme and page builder.
  3. If you have experience? Yes, I have experience in my sql

I will send you a few screenshots of my settings maybe we can figure this out.:crazy_face:

Sometimes caching plugins harm more than help, so I would start with disabling Breeze for a while.

Using a CDN only speeds up the serving of static files (eg. JS, CSS, etc). It won’t speed up PHP processing, which seems to be your problem.

The CNAME thing is an advanced setting that requires some deep changes to your website. I’ve read about it, this will only help sites with very large traffic, I don’t think it will help you at all.

Some plugins may cause general slowness in the admin area in Wordpress, so you should check that as well.

I saw your video, this does not seem to be related to the database at all.

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Regarding grades in Pingdom/GTmetrix tests:

Having a low score is bad but you should always take that with a grain of salt:

  • Not every recommendation can be implemented, sometimes you simply cannot make the requested changes (eg. if you have the Facebook Like Page plugin that shows your newsfeed; it’ll drag your loading time down but you can’t do anything about it because this is hosted at Facebook’s servers)
  • You can’t get better grades by upscaling your server; upscaling is related to how much traffic you get, eg, if your server is slowing down due to too much visitors.
  • Also, you can’t get better grades simply by installing optimization and/or caching plugins. Grades are assessed by HOW the page is programmed, eg, how much javascript and CSS is loaded and when, how good the code is, etc. There are performance-optimized themes and plugins, and then there are not-so-much-optimized themes and plugins.
  • YOU must assess the code and seek ways to change and optimize them whenever possible.

There is no magic bullet here. Having a blazing fast website requires a lot of manual work, not just infrastructure changes or simply adding a plugin.

And BTW, your website seems down as of this writing :wink:

Really? Where did I post my website link?

I Googled Brave Frog Media (name of your company as it appears on the video - isn’t it?)

Brave Frog Media | High Quality Websites Traduzir esta página
Every client has different goals. At Brave Frog Media, we thoroughly research our clients’ content and development needs to create a foundation for custom …

Well, I have been on it all morning so it couldn’t have been down unless something is wrong with the servers here.

There’s definitely a problem with your domain. OpenDNS CacheCheck says SERVFAIL. Kproxy says site is down. A query reveals that your domain points to Can’t ping it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the server is down.

So if you’re the only one who can access your domain now, then there’s something very wrong.

Thanks Denis, I was able to fix the SERVFAIL but not the IP problem. This is my first time using namecheap and a server and watched several videos and tutorials and thought it should be easier. Only problem now is trying to get my domain name instead of my ip. Any suggestions?

very good points you have there. I found a simple solutions when we needed to have Facebook like page plugin installed. You can install it on site and then just simply screenshot it and crop to the size. Deactivate plugin, add image with link to FB. Boom, same functionality plus visuals and site doesn’t need to load FB crap all times.

Nice solution! I usually recommend my clients to simply deactivate it and replace with a button with the social network logo.