Have you abandoned the feedback platform?

Whenever I visit the Feedback page http://feedback.cloudways.com/, I am quite disappointed by the lack of official activity there.

There are so much spam that it’s almost impossible to search for a valid suggestion. In the first 3 pages (45 ideas), I marked more than 15 of them as spam. More or less 30% of them are spam.

Not only this, but the last idea that was updated are ages ago. There are even ideas for more than a year that have been implemented but are marked as under review or started or planned.

Why should I or anyone here spend time on feedback platform to vote or add new ideas if none is taking care of it? And the biggest concern is that you forward users there to post ideas.

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Yea, the Feedback section has always been incredibly poorly managed, (I’ve been a customer 4+ years) but it’s been totally abandoned for the past year or so. I had a direct conversation about it with a Cloudways Community Manager when a broken SSL certificate made it unreachable several months ago. They finally fixed the SSL cert problem but the spam issue and lack of responding to any posts has been ignored.

We might as well put an email filter in to block messages from all the posts we’re subscribed to and move on. It’s too bad - and a major failing, in my opinion. If they have no intention of actually doing anything with it, they should just it down out of respect for not wasting their clients’ time.

And if they’re still actively sending users here to post suggestions, that’s unforgivable.

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Thanks for posting this. I was unaware it existed until I saw your post in the forum summary email.

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Looks like it’s not only the feedback platform that was abandoned, but this forum as well. We used to have daily posts from the Cloudways rep and I haven’t seen him for several weeks now.

Hello members of the Cloudways community,

feedback.cloudways.com has always been a valuable channel to learn our users’ needs and expectations.

I would like to apologies for any inconvenience that might have been caused by the feedback forum, however I assure all of you that the channel is still very important to get valuable feedback on what we should consider as part of our new features, innovation plans.

Since the Q1 of 2020 we have put in considerable effort to improve our forum. We have removed a good deal of spam/clutter from the forum and put in checks to keep it organized.

Keeping in mind it is a public forum, I would greatly appreciate the community’s help to flag inappropriate content when you come across anything that is considered clutter.

New features have been activated for the forum such as SSL and spam control to ensure its purpose; to propose and discuss ideas among Cloudways members.

I hope this covers the subject of this thread.

Please feel free to share your questions and comments.


Product Management

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Hello Iftikhar,

I am not sure if what you did actually worked. I went through the first 10 pages and I flagged again more than 20 ideas that were spam or Ads.

Also, the number of suggestions has increased a lot, but it’s impossible for us to actual use it. You can see 10 suggestions for the exact same thing. As a result the votes are divided in more than one idea. You should migrate similar ideas to one and sum the votes.

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Thanks tasosventouris

As to managing ideas and stewarding them we try to follow the practice where members do a quick check to see if there is an ongoing thread and participate in it to get the benefit of a community discussion before starting a new one.

From time to time we will consolidate ideas when we find discussions converging, but also allow each thread to mature to a degree on its own so as not cut them short.

Regarding spam, the underlying platform from uservoice does manage to weed out a good amount of spam that it is able to classify successfully, but then there are still things that get through and we try to remove them as we identify it.

Appreciate the input.

I’m afraid if you expect customers to use the feedback section regularly, you’re going to have to put a lot more work into it, @iftikhar.waheed. Just the spam issue alone - you CANNOT leave it to the automated method because it is failing spectacularly. (The last time I did a check right after your last post, 8 out of the 10 of the topics posted in the previous week or so were spam, with countless spam comments as well.) And even though I had been reporting hundreds of spam comments over the last 4 or 5 months, they all just sat there. And I know for a fact a number of others have been regularly reporting spam to no avail as well.

But that’s just the issue with spam. The bigger issue is that Cloudways almost never contributes anything to the threads. There’s absolutely no indication they are taking anything being said into account. If you want us to believe you are, you have to TELL us what you’re doing. And when you do announce that you’ll be moving a request forward, you have to keep up the flow of info about how it it’s progressing!

We all understand things sometimes taking longer than planned. But when you disappear for a year or more in the middle of telling us something is being developed, and then ignore dozens of pleas for an update, we have no choice but to assume you’ve dropped the project and don’t care about everyone you’ve misled.

And then there are the case where you DO launch the requested functionality and don’t bother to come back to announce it’s been completed.

I know first hand that monitoring such feedback communities is a lot of work. But if you’re not prepared to do the work, you’re disrespecting your customers by leaving the untended feedback area open.

This has been a major problem for the whole 4+ years I’ve been a customer.

Please - have someone assigned to 15 minutes of cleanup and updating a day. This area could be a huge resource for CW - but up til now, you’ve been actively discouraging anyone from using it (as evidenced by the question that started this whole thread).

I’m pleased to see you’ve been participating in this thread - even just these few comments are the most official participation from CW I’ve seen here in a very long time. And a lot more needs to be done on a steady basis.

[Sidenote: I would vote strongly in favour of merging suggestions that are obviously exact dupes of each other - and do it as soon as a new dupe is created so the discussion doesn’t get unnecessarily split up. It will provide much greater value to both users and CW to gauge interest from a single topic. You know full well most users don’t check first to see if the topic has already been suggested]

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