Handling Sudden Spikes in Traffic

Currently, we are on the Vultr server with a Wordpress website. Our business has moments where when we post something new, it can cause very sudden and very high spikes in traffic. We have made sure our server is scaled to handle the traffic. But I find our server crashes every time there’s a spike. Usually, I go into Managed Services and restart MySQL and all the other ones to get the server back live, which usually works. I would like some suggestions on how to better handle these spikes that are causing the server to crash. Is it Vultr? Should I try Amazon instead? Is there something I need to change?

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How big are the spikes, what application, what types of caching enabled, how much memory allocated to MySQL?
What does your error and slow logs have to say?

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Have you tried using Varnish cache. We found we were able to scale a site recently to easily handle around 2000 concurrent connections, previously it was struggling with 50.

@f.salim4 did you notify our technical support about this issue? If yes, and if you are still facing the issue, please send me the ticket number and I will look into it.

Also, please share more details as asked by other members in this thread.


As you said when you post something new there is a sudden hike in your traffic this may be your competitors who are trying crash your website. Track the IP from where you are getting this traffic and block it.
Hope this helps!