Git deployment folder choices

So I deployed my app from git. Everything works great. My only question is about the folder deployment path. If I were doing this manually on digital ocean, I would deploy into some git folder then symlink only the application/pulic folder to the public_html/. Here it looks like my application/public and public_html/ are in the same directory. Is this ok? I assume it is since there is only one folder/directory for the deployment path

Git deployment is working well for me also. I see that Cloudways creates a git_repo directory parallel to public_html in the application folder and that is where the actual .git repository lives. Then, a copy of everything but the .git folder is made to public_html or the path set in Deployment Via Git. In my case, I leave the default “public_html/” set for the deployment path then set the Webroot to public_html/web/, the actual web root directory, in Application Settings.

Hope this helps!

Yes, it makes sense. I actually noticed the .git folder after my post. Liking cloudways service so far.
Am glad i migrated from digital ocean- which I liked but can get tiring doing everything yourself.


I found your conversation and I think you have answered my question, but I’m a little lost! And was hoping you may be able to help?

As you stated above, everything appears to be sent to git_repro and then copied to public_html apart from the .git folder.

My question is. I only need the contents of a specific folder within git_repro (public) to be copied to public_html. Possible?

Never-mind, just clicked!

Thanks for the answer

Git deployment works well with Cloudways unless you want to deploy to private_html directory.
If you have files in public and private directories you are able only to deploy to public.
I miss git deployment setup for deploying to both directories.

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