FTP Restrictions

Is there a way to restrict an ftp user to a specific application folder? I don’t see an option. If not, this is a serious oversight on behalf of CW and something I would consider standard from almost all hosts out there. There are times when we need to grant FTP access to a developer, but not to the entire base directory of the application.

Google how to do this. It is possible, but you need to know how.
Cloudways, imo is best without every option in the books in a user interface. It keeps away the problematic newbs who cant google.

You can definitely create application-level SFTP/SSH users, Stephanie. The functionality is built into the Access Details section of each application/website. Once created, those credentials will allow access to only that one website’s public_html directory.

There’s a walkthrough here:

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Thanks, Paul. However, I already knew about that and had it set up. It does not limit to public_html, rather it allowed access to the entire app space (conf, private_html, etc.). I am trying to limit to a specified folder.

Josh, I have seen oodles of your responses and they are rarely useful. Just “newb” bashing all the time as if you were a teenager.

I think it is not possible, but I would open a support ticket for this one. I have found that support are sometimes able to make config changes that we just don’t have access to. They might be able to set the folder restriction for an individual FTP account.

You can also upvote this feature request:

Ahhh, sorry Stephanie - I misunderstood your reference to “application folder”.

While not the same thing as real FTP access - if it’s a WordPress site, there is a File Manager plugin that gives file-level access to the public_html folder only. (I only enable it when required, then disable it again for security.