FTP access, not SFTP. Any ideas?

Hi Everyone –

I’m new around here. It’s pretty cool so far. However, there’s one hiccup.

I need FTP access (not SFTP). The reason is that I am using this third party software that is built just for FTP (I know, it’s really annoying).

Is there a way for me to create FTP access? Maybe a work around?


This is a good excuse to tell whoever is requiring you to use this third party software that they’re going to have to switch to something that is secure. Uploading code over FTP should never be an acceptable practice.

What software are you using that doesn’t even support SFTP? If it has an option to change the port, it might be that if you change the port to port 22, then the connection will automatically get performed over SFTP.

I cannot but not agree with @russell here - sFTP is a must!

How difficult is it to install programs like winscp of filezilla? They both can do sFTP and do even ship in portable formats if required.

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