Fresh WP app install + LayersWP = total server chaos


I’m not sure if anyone uses the theme builder LayersWP, but our recent experience is not a good one.

We’ve successfully migrated existing websites built on LayersWP, without any issue. When we create a new Wordpress App, installing LayersWP is successful, but the second I click the activate button, the activation is stuck in the browser loading, and EVERY OTHER WEBSITE on our server suddenly times out when trying to be viewed. The only way I can get things operational again is to delete the new application, then everything else loads fine and dandy.

I was transferred roughly six times on tech support until we figured out the issue ourselves. We also disabled Varnish and increased our memory limit, because of 503 Backend fetch failed errors we were receiving.

If anyone has experienced this or something similar we’d love to hear your feedback.

PS - I can create a fresh install of WP + Layers on a separate hosting provider, and successfully migrate it to Cloudways with no issues.