Free New Relic app monitoring alternative


Since a few months cloudways new relic app monitoring does not work anymore.
Are there any FREE alternatives that we can use on our cloudways servers?
What does cloudways propose?



I would like to know about this as well?

Just signup for a free New Relic account and it will work. It’s working for me.

hi @fabiofava, it is not working for me.
maybe you have enabled the trial (time-limited)?

I have this free account for a few years now. When you are logged in with your New Relic Free account, the link at the Cloudways works.

Ah strange, for me it does not work.
I can still login,
but all app monitoring is greyed out , and requires a paid account.

Weird, I have it working here. I have the message on New Relic to Upgrade, but I just ignore it and everything just keeps working. Cheers.

How about

We use web edition.

Simply create a new php app, upload the files and then you have real-time server data. Password protect as required although we use a random string as the folder name as well.