Fraud Transaction by Cloudways [Solved]


Hi There,

Our company sites are hosted on Cloudways and I usually credit funds to the account for every 2 months.

The funds I add is a fixed amount.

I’ve credited funds manually on 2nd of June and they’ve been added successfully and the same is being reflected on my Bank Account

But again on 11th June, I see a transaction with reference: PUR/02-JUN-19/Cloudways Limited\Sp

The same amount is again debited on my bank account. I never made any funds addition, I was on travel when this happened.

Not sure why Cloudways payment gateway automatically debits funds from my account. I’ve contacted the bank to find info about this and they say that issue is with Cloudways payment gateway as they’ve your card added on the account section

They’ve debited funds from their end. I’ve also reached to Cloudways about this and it’s more than a week now but no update from Cloudways

Not even getting replies to the email I send.

Such a thing happened to anyone here? Can anyone shower some insights on what might be the issue?

Bank people are saying they’ll consider this as a fraud transaction and block access to my account/card which might be a hassle for me to get everything back working again.



Did you try contacting our support? If you have, then kindly share your registered email address and the ticket number so I can have a look at it.

Ibad Rehman


The registered email for that account is

I tried raising a ticket but live chat email told billing team will revert to me via email. So, I’m talking via email thus no ticket number.


Thank you! I will update you as soon as I receive the response from the billing department.

Ibad Rehman


Awaiting response from past week+


Yeah, their system is acting extremely weird this month.

Taking funds, then crediting them back to the card, then taking them again.

It seems as reliable as their support, lol


Hi @nicksanderos

How long are they taking to credit it back.

Lol, the support became weak and now this.

Even bank is not helping me and it being a company account I had to answer to the CEO about the progress. But there isn’t any progress.


Hey @anirudhpulikonda,

Customer Support updated me that they have sent an email regarding the transaction. Please verify if you have the received the email and if your issue is resolved?

Ibad Rehman


Hi @ibad.rehman

I’ve received a generic info from your billing team which explains the details what I just explained you in the initial email.

It’s not helping. Anyhow, Today there’s one more email saying that it was “MasterCard’s issue” and they’re refunding the payments again. Seems legit and I’ve asked to let me know status of my issue after confirming with MasterCard.


Thank you for the update @anirudhpulikonda