File permissions?

Anyone else having repeated file permissions issues? It’s getting worse and we are having difficulty installing and updating extensions on our sites because of it.

Support say "We would like to inform you that every server has 3 users, Root user, Master user, and application user When the application is launched the default ownership is set to application user but resetting the permissions from the console change the ownership to master user which some times create issue for the application so we have to revert it manually. "

Multiple tickets have been sent and although it does gets changed, it’s taking up a lot of time. Is Cloudways worth it any longer?

Probably has something to do with security, but I agree it’s super annoying. We’ve developed a WordPress plugin to help us take care of our clients’ sites, but when it updates, it won’t rename itself, and I think it’s because of the way Cloudways handles permissions. We’re currently in the process of adding a WordPress hook that will call our API that will call the Cloudways API to reset the permissions before it finishes updating itself. Would sure be nice if we weren’t running into these problems to begin with.

This major bug has existed since I started using Cloudways 4 years ago.

Any time the system performs a file-based action (like plugin/theme updates, uploading media files etc) it resets the ownership of the files to the app’s database user instead of the proper account owner. This makes it impossible to perform any operations on those files until manually hitting the Reset Permissions button.

I’ve described this issue to support countless times and haven’t been able to get any action on the problem.

Yes and any ticket to support which mentions permissions results in them telling me to click the reset button. It’s a timewaster to have to explain this every time. Recently it was quicker for me to move a site with this issue to another server than explain this to support again.

Problem for me too (20+ sites).

It sounds like Wordpress should run logged in as the account owner instead, but that might open up a can of worms in terms of hackability.

Yes, like the old days of WordPress :crazy_face:

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