Excluding particular post types from Breeze / Deactivating and only reactivating to cleanse the database

Q1) Does anyone know how to do this?
I am using an LMS plugin (LifterLMS) and this creates posts with various dynamic content that frequently requires me to purge the cache for things to work properly.
The majority of my site consists of these pages so I am considering deactivating the plugin if I cannot resolve this issue. Adding the bare url’s would take too long as there will be around 400 posts when I am done.
Q2) Does Breeze need to be constantly activated for the database cleansing to work properly, or could I just periodically reactivate as and when I wish to cleanse the database.

I believe Breeze only cleans the database when you manually select one of the database cleaning options from the database tab. You can use a plugin like Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions to schedule database cleaning operations to happen each day/week. That plugins also gives you the option to keep recent revisions of posts when the database is cleaned which is nice.

You or your developer should be able to write a custom WordPress filter that hooks into the post creation process and triggers the cache to be cleansed for all of the appropriate LMS pages.

Thanks for the plugin recommendation.
I don’t have a developer and I don’t know enough to pull off what you describe.
It’s probably a flaw in my understanding, but creating a cached item and triggering it’s purge when the item is accessed sounds like far more work for the server than just not cacheing that item in the first place.

Another solution should make the slugs of those posts to under another, like /courses/your-awesome-course/ then if your WP Cache plugin supports it, you just add wildcard exclusions, like /courses(.*) so any slug starting with /courses won’t be cached, no matter what comes after that. Hope it helps, cheers!

Thanks for your thoughts, I don’t think Breeze would accept that though. In the settings relating to exclusions it gives the instruction Note: Add the URLs of the pages (one per line) you wish to exclude from the WordPress internal cache."
I think varnish would accept it though since it states " Note: Only relative URLs can be excluded from caching (eg: /checkout/) and not absolute URLs (http://domain.com/checkout/)."