Error Number: 1030 Got error 28 from storage engine

I’ve contacted support 4 days ago and still no answer… So I’m trying here.

My digital ocean server was running low on storage which kept on decreasing mysteriously even though I wasn’t touching the websites on there. I just moved those sites from a VPS and they are standard Expression Engine and WordPress powered apps. I’ve never had mysterious decreases like that on the VPS I was using to host them before… So I’m sure it’s something to do with the server setup.

Anyway, I couldn’t get any useful answer from Tech Support on why this mysterious storage capacity decrease so I decided to add some Block Storage as a short term solution, but now not only can I see the available storage keeps on decreasing fast, I’m also getting databases storage errors (error 28) even though I have 15GB free left on the block storage.

The “old drive” (/dev/vda1) is maxed out at 25GB though, and I’m wondering if somehow the databases used by my sites are still on there… Especially since 3GB mysteriously (again) got freed up a couple days ago and the sites started working again.

It was a pain to move all my sites on cloudways, but now I’m thinking I might have to do all that again… It’s been 4 DAYS and all I got from tech support was a response that literally said (not kidding):

“Yes, I can see that you have added 35 GB of block storage on your serve […] Please check your website now and let us know in case of any further issues.”

I’m so glad they could see that I added block storage and completely ignored the fact that my sites ARE BROKEN.

If anybody’s got an idea on what the issue could be, I’ll take anything! Otherwise I’m gonna have to move all those sites to another host again… Not looking forward to that :sweat:

Chances are its cache building up. Mine gets 10gig or larger in a few days. My sites are large though.

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Hi there

If you have added Block Storage on your server and the disk is still getting full and causing your MySQL to go down it simply means that there are files building up on your applications try to use the following command below in SSH to check the disk taken by each application

cd /home/master/applications && du -csh *

It should give you the breakdown of the web files of each app you have in the server.then from there you can identify which apps are taking space on your server and identify the culprit applications

then simply again use du -sch * inside the folder to see which part of your site are taking place.

In most cases it could be your cache files or local backups made by any plugin if you have any of those simply remove and disable them.