Error/deleted messages in plattform?

A question @ahsan.parwez or other community-cloudways admin:

Is there some error last view hours in plattform?

I wrote an answer/question to @admin8 and he did answer me on this question. I got an e-mail with the answer. But back into the Topic Real Staging-Environment for Cloudways? there is gone my question and also @admin8 's answer.

Could you restore the two messages?
Is there some old cache working?

Thank you for help


Error have to be after 13.Nov 2017 13:44 because then, the email was sent with the answer-message:

Hi @martin,

We haven’t changed anything on this forum. I will get it checked with the team and thanks for reporting the data.

  • Ahsan

Hi @ahsan.parwez,
nothing heard since 3 days?
Any loggs/backups or other way rebuild the missing 2 messages?

  • Martin