Error 503 Backend fetch failed


I get “Error 503 Backend fetch failed” quite often, (WP)
even though I increased the server memory limit to 256, I still get these errors
How can it be fixed?


Hi @moti,

Can you please contact our support and open up a ticket? We will have it checked and fixed.



Make sure varnish is properly configured.


Hi there,

This is S.Rafat from Cloudways Customer Success.

I wanted to get known about the status of your indicated issue in the thread. If you are still facing any such issues Please feel free to contact our Live Chat Support that is there 24/7 to serve you.



I am having the same issue, Rafat told me that I need to update the server size, but it doesn´t make any difference. Now that I am reading this post I deactivate jetpack and the proble was solved.