Enable Breeze's Gzip/Browser cache on Cloudways' NGINX?


Came across this comment regarding Gzip and browser cache not needed on NGINX servers since the latter already does those two, and enabling those two settings in Breeze will double up processes.

Like to clarify with Cloudways Team here, should we turn off these two settings? I know we can test ourselves to see the difference, but prefer to hear it from you guys.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @thienkw
Thank you for this question.
I believe that enabling or disabling the setting in Breeze cache plugin would have no impact. The number of active processes on NGINX will remain the same. This is why I recommend that you leave this setting to default.

In my best knowledge, keeping disabled GZIP & Browser cache at Breeze plugin would be 200% better.

You want to know, why?

Because -

  • Browser Cache is already set for static resource for NGINX server from CW side. Why repeat again? Make no sense at all.

  • GZIP, same here; it’s also already configured. Very same for CF CDN users. They do these things on the fly.

For Breeze plugin, simple I love to keep this way. Hence, no any kind of conflict, happy performance.

I specially, disabled Browser Cache because I found big problem with it. Explained here.

Edit: Added correct reference link. By mistake, added similar URL. Sorry for that!

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Thanks for your input @gulshankumar

Sometimes I can feel the gaps of understanding within the Cloudways team. That Cloudways mod stated in that comment it is not required to enable it. Some say just leave it on by default by belief.

Maybe I’m nick-picking here, but is there any performance impact? Even if it’s not noticeable, it’ll be unicorn-perfect :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: if such small issues are documented for us users.