Email setup for vultr


Have just setup wordpress on Vultr but my contact forms no longer work. Have emails hosted on gmail, how would I get the contact forms working again?


You’ll need to set up SMTP for the website to send mail on a Vultr server. You can either use the SMTP service provided by Cloudways (all emails for all websites on the server will come from the same address) or you can set up individual SMTP plugins for each WordPress install. Recommendation for the latter would be Post SMTP



To add a few details to what paul4 said: Vultr blocks the port used for outgoing SMTP, which is why you need to use an external SMTP server if you go with them. Digital Ocean is one that does not block the port, so you don’t need an external SMTP server when using them. I don’t know about Linode, etc. as I only have experience with these two.


Hello @admin15,

Good folks of this community have already give very useful answers. You can configure SMTP on both server and application level. When configuring on server level; all you applications will use the same settings which might not work for many. It is better to configure SMTP on application level which is very simple.

Please follow our guide on How To Setup And Configure SMTP On WordPress.