Elasticsearch configuration?

(Max) #1

After enabling Elasticsearch in server packages, what else needs to be done for WordPress to utilize it? Anything?

(Robert Otto) #2

Hi Max, the easiest way is with a plugin: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/elasticpress/

(Max) #3

Thanks, Lerios.

After installing the plugin and entering my domain as the elasticsearch host, I’m getting the following error:

Your Elasticsearch version is below the minimum required Elasticsearch version 1.7. ElasticPress may or may not work properly.

This despite my ElasticSearch version originally being set to 5.4. I tried changing it to 1.7, still getting the error. Perhaps I’ve entered the incorrect elasticsearch host? If so, what’s the correct host?

(Max) #4

Looks like I need to contact support to have them set up the elasticsearch host. I’ll do that now.


(Max) #5

To follow up in case it helps anyone else using the ElasticPress plugin:

Add define( 'EP_HOST', '' ); to wp-config.php

(Cloudways) #6

How is elasticseach on Wordpress? Notice any improvements?