ElasticEmail + DigitalOcean issues

I’ve been attempting to get the ElasticEmail add-on working with a DigitalOcean server to send out notifications/contact page emails etc from Wordpress. Installation on the Cloudways side is fine, and I can send a test email from the Cloudways control panel, however this email is always rejected at the receiving server due to “Sender verify failed”. The receiving server is a cPanel host that I also own where the receiving mailbox is stored. Emails from within a Wordpress application on the Cloudways server are also rejected for the same reason (here I set an SPF record for the domain in question to allow sending through ElasticEmail). The reason seems to be that the email is sent via no-reply@.cloudwaysapps.com (whether from the server test or from within Wordpress) so receiving servers are going to look at that and see there is no MX/A record and no SPF record…and then reject it. Searching on here seems to suggest that others are having issues specifically with DigitalOcean servers as well.

I sent a test via the Cloudways test option to mail tester com, and the result is " Consider yourself lucky if your email goes to an inbox. Score : 3.2/10. It is marked down heavily by:

[SPF] my-server-id.cloudwaysapps.com does not allow your server “some-ip-address-not-my-server” to use no-reply@my-server-id.cloudwaysapps.com

We didn’t find a mail server (MX Record) behind your domain name .cloudwaysapps.com .

-1.246 RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET Received via a relay in bl spamcop net

Has anyone successfully got this working? I could use an SMTP plugin in Wordpress and use the SMTP server on the cPanel host (this does work fine), but I eventually want to get rid of the cPanel host…

I see that the Rackspace add on is a bit more sophisticated and is actually a physical mailbox which I guess I could configure to send through using the Rackspace SMTP config (somone else on here seems to have done that).