Elastic mail addon and SPF etc

Can someone please explain how I can make this happen. I’m close to launching a website but cannot do until I sort this issue.

I have a domain name which I’m using for this site and is also setup for office 365. My DNS is set up with existing SPF records etc. for Microsoft and this domain.

I would like to use elastic through Cloudways but reading through the documentation, https://support.cloudways.com/en/articles/5130879-how-to-activate-the-elastic-email-add-on, I should add elastic SPF and other records also.

My research leads me to believe I cannot have multiple SPF records so how am I meant to send email though Cloudways and Elastic when all it will most likely do it go to spam or be rejected?

Looking at it the only way around that I can see is if I use another domain for elastic then forward any returned email to my abc.com office 365 email account.