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I am confused about how to manage my email addresses using Elastic Email. So far I have connected elastic email to my account.

What I want to do is be able to have multple email addresses, for example bob@domain.com and bill@domain.com. I want to be able to connect these addresses to gmail accounts for my employees but am not sure how to do it. Some pointers would be very helpful.

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You might have confused Elastic Mail to Rackspace Email or traditional email services. Elastic Mail is a transactional email service, meaning it only works as send only from your application (e.g. WordPress) to your mailbox.

Checkout their website for more details and some detailed explanations here.

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Hi aron,

Thanks for the reply, something like mailgun looks like it will do the trick. Thanks!

Mailgun is also a transactional email service. What you need is a traditional email (mailbox) service.

Google has a business version of Gmail called G-Suite. You can use this to connect your @domain and then send and receive emails (and use their other productivity tools). This is a different version (separated from your current Gmail mailboxes) and comes at a cost of $5 per user. It’s rather cheap, IMHO, especially if you’re used to Google’s interface.

There is also another option called Zoho. They offer something like G-Suite but it is quite cheaper. There is also a free version but that comes with limitations.

You could also use Rackspace Mail as @aron suggested, but this service seems rather limited. I’d rather use Zoho or G-Suite, they are much more productivity focused.

And just to be clear: you CANNOT connect your domain directly to your current Gmail addresses. Google wants you to buy their G-Suite.

Hi Denis, thanks so much for the indepth reply! So if I’m understanding correctly, as an alternative to G-Suite, can I connect my domain to mailgun then connect gmail to my mailgun email accounts using gmails POP3 or IMAP service? Then I could send/receive mail through my domain using gmail (or something like windows mail?). Is that a viable alternative t G-Suite?

Man, I’m… Oh my goodness…

You really CAN NOT afford $5 per mailbox for G-Suite? Or $3 per mailbox for Zoho Mail?

Okay, let’s set some things straight. First of all, you don’t need to configure ANYTHING at Cloudways to connect email services to your domain. They provide Elastic Email and these SMTP options for those who want to send transactional emails. Transacional emails are messages sent from your website to your users, such as a WE RECEIVED YOUR ORDER message from your ecommerce website.

VPS and dedicated servers usually aren’t configured to send those messages, because they can be easily abused. So it’s up to you to provide this, and that’s why Cloudways provides Elastic Email integration, or you can use another provider. But again, this is for transactional emails only. And remember, Cloudways is a hosting company, not an email service provider.

What you need is a mailbox service, that is, a service that can send and receive emails from and to your domain. You cannot use Mailgun, Elastic Email or whatever, for that purpose. And you will not configure this using Cloudways, nor you need them to.

If you sign up to G-Suite or Zoho Mail they’ll provide you with some instructions on how to configure your domain to send and receive emails. These instructions will then have to be applied to your DNS provider - that is usually the company where you purchased your domain, and not Cloudways. Most of these provide you with a panel where you can change your domain entries.

I understand that your employees currently use Gmail addresses. That is not a professional way to conduct business online, so you should seek to stop using these Gmail addresses and instead use email from your domain. If you’re already used to the Gmail interface, then you can sign up to use G-Suite to use their services with your domain - that is, you’ll be seeing Gmail, but it will be sending and receiving from your domain and not from @gmail.com.

I also understand that you may be doing this for a while and don’t want to lose contact with your current customers during this transition period. So, you can set up an autoresponder message on your old addresses so your customers can know where to reach you. And you can migrate your messages from your old address to your new address.

Unfortunately there is not a free way (or any way at all) to simply make your current Gmail accounts work on your domain.

If you’d like to set up something using Zoho or G-Suite, PM me and I will be glad to quote this for you.

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