Ecommerce Store: Is it time to scale my server?


Hi all,

We are currently running an Ecommerce website on the 2GB, 50GB SSD, 2TB Transfer, 1Core plan and as you can see in the shot below I have been struggling with some server issues today.

We are using a lot of plugins to integrate with other services such as Amazon Links, ShipStation links, Google feed Links… backup plugins…

We have on average about 1000 unique visitors per day which is nothing incredible.

Here is a shot of our idle CPU usage

Here is a shot of our memory

So my question - is it time to Scale?

Any opinions will be valued.




We use a minimum 8GB server for each of our ecommerce clients.

What are your page load times like? I guarantee you every single time that idle CPU hits 0 the site is completely unusable.

This is what we’re seeing for one site with about 4x the traffic.

This one also has a HORRENDOUS number of plugins but they are all 100% necessary.

It’s actually a bit oversized right now but the client is growing fast.


Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for sharing some insight here. That makes sense. We are using a number of resource heavy plugins and I think it is time to Scale the server.

Thanks so much for the help, I really appreciate it!

Best regards,



Scaling up is one way to solve your problem
Optimizing your code is another.

Are you using PHP 7.x ?
If not, switch on it, it can boost your performance significantly.

Are you using caching?
If not, work on it. It will save your CPU usage.

How your database queries look like?
Probably you have multiple unnecessary queries which can be optimized.

Are you using single or double quotes for strings in PHP?
Double quotes parse variables inside string so if you have a lot of strings with double quotes, running code with them consume more CPU comparing to strings wrapped with single quotes.


Your first 2 suggestions make sense but the last 2 make none.

I’m going to guess that most of us use a shopping cart solution (the “plugins” cart should have been a dead giveaway) to run an ecommerce site.

Suggesting someone in this situation rewrite code is silly. That’s like killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer…no a hand grenade.