Drupal 7 asking for FTP credentials (updating module)

Greetings all. I’ve just migrated to Cloudways after wrestling directly with the AWS platform for the last few months.

I have managed to migrate all 3 of my sites with only 1 small issue. I tried to migrate my Drupal 7 from AWS EB to a Drupal 7 app on Cloudways, but could not get it to run well. I took the manual route of simply downloading all my site files and db export and then uploading/replacing the files/db to the Drupal 7 vanilla app installed by Cloudways. Unfortunately, I was was unable to edit the sites/default/settings.php file which I think was causing the issue.

Second attampt was to do the same but this time I did not create a Drupal 7 pre-configured app, but chose to do a custom PHP LAMP stack. Anyway, this time was successful, expect for the fact that when I now try to update my modules automatically, Drupal asks me to enter FTP credentials. Is there a way to resolve this?

I do of course have a free migration, so I could potentially use this by having the CW team migrate from the standard app I created in CW to a pre-configured Drupal 7 app?

Thanks in advance


I dropped a note to support about this and they responded quite quickly advising that they had made some permission adjustments and all is working now :slight_smile:

This might come handy next time you need to modify file/folder permissions.

That’s a handy guide. Thanks, Jason.