Downscaling DO server


We’re needing to downscale our Digital Ocean server as the extra resources are no longer needed.
I understand that we have to clone the server to be able to do this. How is the domain manangement dealt with when doing this? Do i have to manually go in and change the domain management on the new server, and also update the DNS to point to the new server IP? Can the domain and SSL be set on both servers so moving the DNS is without problem?


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Hello @simonph,

Yes, you will have to manually map the domain while cloning to another server. Similarly, you will also have to make DNS changes accordingly.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

Hi thanks for your answer.
So if understand correct, there wont be any issues in giving the cloned app on the cloned server the same domain as the old, at the same time? so when updating DNS wont result in any downtime as domain setup will be same on both the old and new server? i guess only SSL cant be applied to new app before DNS is updated though.

That’s correct unless you have applied any custom PHP rules for redirection. Make sure that DNS is propagated properly after adding the new IP address.

Ibad Rehman