Downloadable database dumps [SOLVED]

Is it possible to install some utillity like AutoMySQLBackup for taking regular database dumps?
Or would be possible to use LOCAL BACKUPS feature from Server management section just for database backups?


There is a local backup feature which you can use to get dump of MySQL database.

Or, another way is using “MySQL manager” and export as SQL file after selecting all tables.

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Hello Gulshan,

thanks for reply.

Is there any way how to connect to DB remotely so we would be able to automatize our dumps? We would like to avoid human input and keep our DB backups on separate backup server.


Team Cloudways has written a simple tutorial on that remote subject. May be this help in your case.

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As @gulshankumar has already guided. You may use the feature of remote MySQL DB and keep your database on a different server.

If you face any issues in configuring it, please let me know.

Ibad Rehman