Does the CDN support https?

I want to setup Cloudways CDN for my Magento website and am curious if it integrates with SSL?

Hi @masterpuff

Yes, CloudwaysCDN supports HTTPS as well.

Does it support SSL while using CNAMEs? I want to set up something like is this possible? MaxCDN used to charge 200USD for this as far as i can remember

Yes, it is possible to set up sub-domain with or without SSL on our CloudwaysCDN. Sub-domain should be pointed on the separated application to use with CDN. Just enter the URL which you want to use (for example along with the correct protocol, either HTTP or HTTPS and configure it.

But remember, it doesn’t support multi-store Magento. For the multi-store workaround, please have a look at this:

Not sure if I understand. How would I set this up?

So in CW CDN settings:

Then I set up a cname: and point it to

Then i enter in my cache plugin settings as the CDN domain?

You don’t need point CDN URL with any sub-domain. Just set up the CDN with website URL and enter the CDN URL in cache plugin.

sorry but thats just not true. Sure you don’t need to set up a subdomain to make a CDN work but there are various benefits of doing so. Google treats subdomains a bit differently than shared CDN urls, also with subdomains you can define 1 subdomain to JS, 1 to images, 1 to CSS…this way you can improve parallelisation. It also makes it easier to change CDNs at some point since URLs wont change.

And it also just looks better than an ugly shared CDN url…