Do I still need Akismet?


I migrated all my sites to Cloudways yesterday. My previous hosting (Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix) didn’t require me to install any anti-spam/anti-bot as the support said it was already built-in.

I browsed around my Cloudways account and Bot protection is already enabled by default.

I created a test website, mainly for tutorial purposes. The newly created site has a “Bot Protection” plugin installed and activated by default. The Akismet plugin is also installed but inactive.

So do I still need the Akismet?

Thank you to anyone who can clarify.


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It would be great if someone from Cloudways answered this. I wonder myself because Askimet has been around for sooo long I wonder if people use it because it’s the way things are always done.

It would be nice to not have to pay the fee.