DO Block Storage


As my database space runs low, I’m thinking about to attach some block storage on Digital Ocean. As I’ve read in the block storage announcement this should be possible:

“Once Block Storage has been attached, all the application web files and databases will be stored on the Block Storage.”

Is it possible to extend database space afterwards a second and third time by attaching even more block storage? Or is this just possible once?

What about CPU. Is it possible to increase CPU regardless of the attached block storage as often as needed?


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Yes, this is really weird…
If I have a server with say 80GB of SSD storage and I need an additional 10 GB of storage. Would I need to create a block storage that is 90 GB and essentially throw away the included 80 Gb and pay for nothing. That seems really stupid.

It’s also really stupid that disc space, RAM and CPUs all scale linearly when you upgrade the server. What if you need 30GB of storage, 4Gb of RAM and 32 CPU cores? Then you would have to pay for 192 GB of RAM and 3840GB of storage for nothing. That is crazy.