Disk space alerts are screwy

The Cloudways alert system doesn’t work properly. Are other people receiving these?

The maximum size that the RhemaCatchup site peaks every month at is a maximum of 33Gb

The system seems incorrect in 3 ways:

  • Vultr have increased their server sizes for 1Gb to 55Gb (and this correctly shows in the monitoring panel, but not at the top of this image in the server details.
  • either the monitoring system isn’t correctly assessing disk size or the system is issuing "Disk space is insufficient alerts” when there is more than 80% of disk space still available.
  • or it is still viewing the old 40Gb size instead of th new 55Gb size.

Either way, I continue to receiving notices that I have “reached the limit of my disk space, but it is all better now however it is near the limit” yet you can see from this image that it clearly isn’t.

I have addressed this with your support / "customer success " team *whatever that is), however this is still not resolved,