Disabled live chat support

Hey Guys, have you ever been blocked out from the live chat support?
My server has been down for more than 5 hours, discussed with someone in the live support chat that didn’t get the urgency of my request as our site receives around 20 000 users daily.
After checking what’s going on that took him 30 min, he told me that he will create a ticket as a senior tech support needs to look at it.
He didn’t create the ticket, I did 4 hours ago and still no answer. Now I can’t even access the chat support with my IP…

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That’s pretty poor. Do you get an error message when trying to access it? Are you able to try a free proxy to use a different IP?

I’ll contact them via live chat and see if I can alert someone to this thread to get in touch with you.

After speaking with live chat support they said they have forwarded this forum link to the customer success department, so hopefully someone will be in touch shortly and they’ll be able to get this resolved.


First of all we really apologies for the inconvenience you have faced. I would appreciate if you share us your own IP including your cloudways server ip so that we can contact live chat and get this issue resolved.

You can find your own IP using below link:


I am having the same error, even my websites are not opening at my own IP address.