DigitalOcean new pricing plans are now LIVE!

Remember that DO and other VPS providers are simply providing infrastructure, eg, they’ll hand you a server with Linux or Windows preinstalled, and that’s it.

VPS providers ARE NOT hosting providers, so you’ll have to install and set up everything - Apache, Nginx, MySQL, mail hosting, SMTP, etc. And on top of that you’ll have to manage everything via command line - unless you install a web hosting control panel as well, which may set you back another $15-25 per month (that’s the price for Cpanel or Plesk).

And after all that, you’ll have to manage everything yourself. If your connectivity breaks due to some configuration mishap, or there is a hacking attempt, or your server is wiped for any reason, it’s all on you.

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OTOH I believe people would still complain if Cloudways went full transparent, ie., they charged whatever the provider is charging + a surcharge for their own services (effectively making Cloudways comparable to Cpanel or Plesk, eg, where you pay for the software license monthly or annually). I might be wrong but people seem to always want everything free or very cheaply.

If someone is so upset about whatever CW is charging, they should simply move on to DO, Vultr or whatever, and then install a control panel of their own. There is a good and free one called VestaCP if you’re really, really on a budget. But then, you won’t have any of the benefits of having a MANAGED hosting solution, which is what Cloudways provides. The peace of mind pays off.


You’re right - there’s not really much of a way to please some people who expect everything for free.

I think the disconnect is that most services of this nature (or at least the ones I’m aware of - serverpilot, cloud 66, laravel forge come to mind) charge a flat fee per X server(s). CW fees, on the other hand, increase greatly as your server grows in size.

My thought was that CW can’t fully obscure the pricing since we all know baseline cost of the servers they’re using, so perhaps more transparency into the rest would ease the tension of all the “you’re charging 100% markup” complaints.

In other words, what about the 8GB droplet makes CW’s service cost $40/mo on top of server costs, but only $5/mo on top of costs for the 1GB droplet?

All they have to say is “People on 8GB droplets, in general, install dozens and dozens of sites, run into more problems, and our support costs go up exponentially” or “larger servers are typically running higher-traffic production apps and we try to give them priority support” or any other host of reasons and any reasonable person should have a hard time arguing with that reasoning (not to say they wouldn’t).

Without even some kind of simple official insight like that, I can’t fully blame people for wondering why the admin CP/support costs of a larger server are worth 8x that of a small one.

I’m not saying CW owes anyone anything, but that would be the first place I’d start if I was in charge of calming this firestorm.

One thing that can explain this is that Cloudways provides off-server backups. That means the bigger your server, the more space they’ll have to allocate for you. Solutions such as ServerPilot and Forge don’t provide backups at all, and RunCloud provides it but charge you per GB per month. Vultr also provides a cheap backup option but it only stores the two most recent ones, and it is a full snapshot of the server, while Cloudways allows restoration of single apps.

This whole situation and CW’s pricing scheme may or may not be interesting to everyone of course, one size does not fit all. But for me, as a web designer/website reseller (as opposed to a web hosting reseller), their service provides good value for the price.

I was using Cloudways for some time in the past, then moved on to RunCloud + Vultr, and now I’m back to Cloudways. Also, specifically about 8 GB droplets, I was using one with Vultr but found out it was better to use 2 with 4 GB and split clients’ sites among these. I’m hoping to add a new server soon, I figured out this was cheaper in the long run as I grow and add more clients.

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I’ve never restored a backup, thought it was just at server level. TIL.

Only one question.
So right now I’m using 512 MB ,7$/mo plan & pretty happy with it. Now do I have to upgrade to 10$/mo plan from now on?

I/m not that technical , I’m using DNS made easy service, so still i need to do changes myself if i clone it ?

For me , I consider it as a warning/indicator …that it’s time to change cloudways … and soon i’ll do that. Thanks

Hi, I almost never comment on any service provider but i have to say this…

I think this is a good change. Sure you can get the $5 droplet from DO but they do NOT offer the additional services and features that Cloudways does so I think, IMO, the $3 increase justifies all the benefits you get from Cloudways service.

Just my 2 cents. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you scale your server to higher plan then you will move to new pricing plan and you will not have to do anything else.

If you want to remain on same resources and want to move to new pricing plans then you will need to clone the server and map the domains to the new servers, and apply ssl certificates.

The process is easy. You can talk with our support team to guide you through the process.