DigitalOcean new pricing plans are now LIVE!

Hi @arup42,

I appreciate your comments!

Back then we had to make the price adjustments and we promised to add more value and features in our platform. Since then we have come a long way.

We have had occasional feedback from clients about higher tier servers being overpriced. The reason is that higher tier servers on average have more websites deployed on them, and we have to provide support for each application that is deployed. In order to balance the equation between the level of support and resources used we have to adjust the prices accordingly.

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Hi @MikeC,

That means your DO server was created before 22nd December.

Please read instructions under “Important Things to Remember

Oops, sorry I missed that information when I read it first. Thanks

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Can I move my server from linode to digitalocean ?, if yes what is the process ?. Thanks

Happy with the changes and surprised to see how much people argue about a few dollars change. Just drink one Starbucks coffee less a month and you’ll be fine. Also, I don’t care paying double for the Cloudways options, if double means payin $5 instead of $10. If you don’t value Cloudways at $5 a month than you need to learn a thing or two about running a business…


Hi @deepak.manchand,

You can easily clone your linode server to a digitalocean server. Cloning will move all your data to the new server. Then you will need to map your domain on the DO server.

All-in-all I’m happy to get better performance for a lower price. At the end of the day it’s still worth it.

The trend, however, is not something I’m happy to see.

Originally CW is $5/mo (no extra on top of DO fees) at which point they must’ve been actually losing money unless they had some kind of a bulk deal for decreased server pricing from DO which was also charging $5/mo.

Then, understandably, prices went up to $7/mo for 512MB server.

Now Digital Ocean effectively reduces pricing on their offerings and although existing servers are grandfathered in by CW this time - thankfully - we have to update our pricing a bit to reflect the fact that the 512MB server (and its $7/mo cost) no longer exist.

DO eliminated the 512MB server, but they didn’t eliminate the $5/mo plan.

CloudWays eliminated the 512MB server (they had no option of course since DO no longer offering) but also eliminated the pricing tier they had established on top of the “$5/mo” plan.

That’s the root of my problem re: pricing and probably why most people feel a tad burned by this. Servers are cheaper than ever yet I’m somehow paying more than I was several months/years ago.

I’m aware we’re only talking $3/mo here, and that it’s actually a discount from the former pricing of the 1GB server. So not a deal breaker at the end of the day by any means. For me it’s just the trend is what’s disturbing or leaves uneasy feelings.

For example - if DO eliminates the 1GB plan in a year and only offers 2GB plans, are we now going to have to pay CW $15/mo (cheaper than the current price for a 2GB server but now would effectively be the “floor” as far as getting a DO server goes) for what DO is only charging $5 just because there are increased server resources available that somehow translate to more cost on CW’s end?

My concern is that this forces us to revisit pricing plans and update our business model as the pricing from CW continues to increase relative to the non-changing cost from DO.

We have lots of choices for hosting these days. The architecture that CW provide on top of hosting providers is worth it to me at the current prices, but if I’m forced to start upgrading to higher spec servers (and the associated increased CW markup) just because they’re no longer available from DO then it may become less and less likely for me to justify the expense.

P.S. CW staff - I understand there may be a great reason why your costs to admin a larger spec server go up regardless of what cost DO is giving you. But I feel like lack of transparency on that may be part of the backlash. If you have more details on how that affects things it may be a way easier pill to swallow :slight_smile:

At any rate - thanks CW for being responsive to the vendor pricing changes and enduring the storm that this announcement thread has become!


I’m not clear on exactly what I have to do in order to take advantage of the new pricing. I have a number of small clients on a server (no e-commerce, just Wordpress). I THINK I have to:

  1. Clone my server
  2. Update DNS for each domain to point to the new server
  3. Wait…
  4. Decommission old server
  5. Clean up DNS records

Am I missing something?

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What’s unclear about cloning to me, will the database be cloned as well? What about username/password in my code? I probably will need to update that after cloning?

And what happens to customers who are using the 512MB plan? I currently have a rather important app on 512MB. It’s low-demand enough that 1GB is more than it needs.

I honestly don’t understand why so many people are complaining about paying a few extra dollars a month. Cloudways is DEFINITELY worth it on every level. If you’re so mad at having to pay a couple of extra dollars a month, you should maybe go to WP Engine where you can expect to pay $29/mo MINIMUM. Give me a break. Cloudways is the best, thank you guys for sharing this with us.


Hi @jhlavender

That’s exactly it. If you want more information on how to clone your server, then you can follow this KB.

After Cloning operation is done, you will need to map your domain to the new server and then you can decommission the old server.

You can follow this KB to learn how to point your domain:

Hi @bc173,

Entire database and web files will be moved and mapped on new staging sites on the new server.

The passwords and usernames will be same as that on your live sites.

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Hi @limshengming

The old 512mb servers will continue to run as normal and won’t be terminated. Launching new 512mb servers is not possible because it was discontinued by DigitalOcean.


Cloudways should lower their service charge; 100% service charge is just too much from a customer perspective.
For example, if I buy a 2core 4Gb RAM droplet from Digital ocean they will charge me 20$, but Cloudways charge us 42$, which is more than double.
We understanding managing a team and giving 24x7 support is not cheap but doubling the original price is somewhat ridiculous.

Customer support of Cloudways is fantastic I know, but you guys are losing new customers because of very high service charge.

Yeah. Not quite complete and the articles are incomplete, too. To make the transition, you have to:

  1. Clone the server
  2. Update DNS for the domain to point to the new server
  3. Go to Domain Management on CW and add the domain to the app
  4. Install SSL

I understand why the domain information is cleared out, but it would have been nice if that was documented anywhere.

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Not really happy with the pricing.

Have to pay 100% extra on top of server cost for basic $5 droplet.

I am considering moving my all sites directly to DO than Cloudways.


If you can manage all your sites directly on DO, why would you need CW in the first place?


I definitely agree with this sentiment at the current time/prices. My concern is solely with the trend of the price increases vs the actual costs they are at right now. Feels a bit like a cable company where you randomly get notices about price increases without any discernible reason.

This most likely wouldn’t be much of an issue if the underlying server costs weren’t publicly available/known. We’d just think “awesome - DO lowered the price of their $17/mo server to $10/mo, what a deal!”

The sour taste in people’s mouth I think is less about the raw cost (a few dollars) and more the principle that cost of the base product didn’t change (still $5/mo) but the cost to us did.

Everyone who got the DO email thought “sweet, I’m gonna get a better server for the same cost!” not “I’m gonna have to pay more for the smallest server package available to me.”

Imagine if ESPN put out a press release “hey we’re now launching additional channels - ESPN 3, 4, and 5 - at no extra charge” but then the cable company said “Your package cost is increasing because ESPN has released additional channels.”

Without some kind of transparency/detail about what goes into costs and how the additional channels increases the cable company’s costs, that’s a hard pill to swallow and feels like a money grab.

CW is still worth the value add at this point - I wouldn’t be here if I knew how to and wanted to screw with being a server admin - and I’d reckon everyone else here is in the same boat.

The closest thing I can think of - for WP at least - would be server pilot, but at $10-49/mo/server + $5/mo for DO server, you’d still be paying more for a baseline 1GB server with not as many features as CW. It would be a cheaper option for larger servers where CW fee is higher, but I’d have the support that CW provides on top of the awesome management console.


Your statement does not make any sense. You would be paying 12 x 5 = $60 per year to Cloudways. How much will it cost if you would move everything over directly to DO? Probably more than a few hours, I assume you make more than the minimum wage…

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