DigitalOcean new pricing plans are now LIVE!

DigitalOcean has recently announced new prices for its infrastructure, and Cloudways is pleased to pass on the savings to its customers.

Under the new pricing, Cloudways customers can enjoy more server resources at very competitive prices. The new prices are applicable on all new DigitalOcean servers launched from January 23, 2018 onwards. In order to take advantage of new prices, existing users with existing servers have two possible course of actions - either scale up or clone their servers to new specifications.

Here is the new price breakdown for Cloudways’ managed DigitalOcean servers:

Here are two important use cases that our team has discussed:

I Want to Grow

The new Cloudways DigitalOcean prices are ideal for users who need additional server resources for improved performance of their apps, while keeping the cost as low as possible.

In this case, users should scale up their DigitalOcean servers to get the benefit of increased server specifications (almost double in some instances). In addition, when the users scale up, they do not have to go through the hassles of domain repointing and IP management all over again.

For instance, if you currently have a 2GB DigitalOcean server, you need to know that for new 2GB servers, DigitalOcean has reduced the number of available cores to just one but has increased the disk space by 10GB. We recommend that users with 2GB servers upgrade to 4GB so that they just have to pay an addition of $8 dollars for almost double server resources.

Customers who currently have 4GB DigitalOcean servers should consider upgrading to 8GB servers. By paying an additional $10 dollars, the users could double up the available server resources.

Similarly, customers with 16GB and above servers will have double server resources for the same prices.

Under the new pricing, DigitalOcean has discontinued support for 512MB servers, and we encourage upgrading these servers to 1GB. While users will not be able to launch new 512MB servers, currently operational servers will continue to function at the old price of $7/mo.

I am Happy With my Current Server Size

We understand that some users might not wish to upgrade their servers. If this is the case with you, and you wish to avail the new Cloudways prices for DigitalOcean servers, clone your existing server to same server specifications. For instance, if you have a 2GB server, clone it to a new 2GB server to get the advantage of new prices.

Note that while you will have the benefit of the new prices, you might lose performance because of new DigitalOcean infrastructure specifications with reduced number of vCPUs for some instances. In addition, when you clone the server, you have to go through IP changes and domain mapping actions.

We believe that these new prices will immensely help our customers. At the moment, Cloudways only provides Standard Droplets on the Platform. However, going ahead (and based on customer feedback), we will offer more Droplet options and other infrastructure improvements to the customers.


This is exciting news! At one point I thought Cloudways won’t be adjusting their prices on the DO plans.

One thing that I realized now is that cores have been reduced on some plans. I guess sticking to older 2GB plan will be a viable option if one wants more cores.


Errr ok… I am going to read this all again for the 3rd time, am I still asleep? lol. So I am now paying $7 less for the same service (minus 5GB storage) I am really happy right now, and just enforced my decision to bring over my other websites.

Great work Cloudways and DigitalOcean.


There was no room for their flexible plan so we can adjust ram/cores?

Hi @stmaric

We are working out the details on how we can add flexible plans in the platform. But there is no ETA yet.

However, I encourage you to drop your feedback or votes on our feedback page here

i’m a little disappointed that prices have been increased in my situation. on DO’s 512MB servers, the RAM was increased from 512MB to 1GB for the same price. instead of offering that upgrade for free to cloudway servers, the price has increased $3/month.

am i able to stay indefinitely on the 512MB server? or is there a chance the lowest cloudways tier would go back to $7/month (for a 1GB instance) instead of $10?


Great news. But would be that great for this with limited budget. But I think is fantastic. Change is always the constant thing.

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A little disappointed too. Seems like you’re using Digital Ocean’s good will as an opportunity to make more money.

For the small servers, the Cloudways mark-up will now be more than 100% on what you’d pay from DO.


This is really disappointing, this is just a hidden way to make more money. You are forcing us to either upgrade our plans and pay more or stay with the same existing plan for the same server performance. And you are forcing users to clone their servers to use the new plan which is not an upgrade very well knowing that many of us are not technically strong.


Hmm, Can’t say that I’m happy with this.
I can see the savings in some situations but the very well working 2GB instance is now effectively gone or more expensive. 2GB and 1 core is not powerful enough (albeit cheaper) 2 cores with 4GB is then the next option and is $8 more expensive

Let me get this straight. If i don’t do anything, i still pay the same amount and will have the same specs right?

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Hi @odwyer,

I understand your point but if you compare the older DO prices with our new plans than you will see a definite decrease in the prices we used to charge.

What Cloudways offers is an easy to use platform that you can use to manage your servers, deploy applications, clone servers, scale servers, deploy SSL, also a 24/7 support team and a lot more.

Managing all the features that we have do demand a lot of investment on our end. We try to be as much transparent as we can be, so as to keep prices reasonable for clients and at the same time help us scale the feature set up.

Hi @warlox414,

That is correct! That is how DO is handling this as well. So, if you stay with the same server then you will be charged with the previous amount.

If you were with DigitalOcean 1GB plan than you will be paying $17/m for it. If you clone it to 1GB DO then you will then be charged $10/m according to the new pricing adjustments.

Hi @thefalse9,

DigitalOcean is asking their clients to either resize their droplets or create a new server to take advantage of the new pricing plans. So technically we are clients of DigitalOcean and the only possible way to take advantage of the new pricing plans is to clone or scale or launch a new server via Cloudways.

I’d like to see the ability to add more storage to an existing plan; that would be helpful.

I think everyone here appreciates that Cloudways adds value. That’s why we are Cloudways customers.

However, if I remember correctly, when I signed up for the Cloudways low end offering, it was the same price as the DO low-end offering … i.e. it was a fantastic value add and a no-brainer for me to sign up.

Just 2 months after I signed up, the price went up 40%, while the DO price remained unchanged. That still seemed fine to me. You guys deserve to make some money for the work you are putting in. I assume that DO must also be discounting the server price for you on the other end, to add to what you get from the markup.

Your low end offering is now double the price of DO’s low end offering. That doesn’t sound like a good deal, even to someone who has experienced your excellent service firsthand.

I am glad that my pricing won’t change – and I hope that will be the case for as long as DO continues the grandfathering. However, for the low end servers it is not accurate to say that you are “pleased to pass on the savings to [your] customers”. DO really did provide some savings for their lowest end customers. You are not passing any of that to me.

If the existing markup isn’t enough to justify the low end offering and you need to increase the price that’s fair, but please be honest (i.e. “transparent”) about what you’re doing here.


Agree… $5 droplet was $7 earlier, not went up $3 more. So we are being charged double that what we would be paying to Digital Ocean directly. $5 to Digital Ocean $5+ to Cloudways

Your announcement is good, but transparency is missing and hitting the low droplet users.

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Hi @MikeC,

We have added DigitalOcean Block Storage in the platform. An official announcement will soon be made about it. For details on how to access it, please read:

@ahsan.parwez Hmm, my server is located in new york, but when I go to it, it says it doesn’t offer block storage for this location. Please advise?