Digital Ocean the Best Option?


I have only used DO servers so far on Cloudways. Can anyone who has used some of the other servers give a value for money comparison? They are the cheapest but are they the best option? Looking to use for Reseller Hosting. Thanks in advance.


I used DO a few years ago through Cloudways (still do buying direct with DO) and I wasn’t impressed. As my sites have grown, I’ve since switched to Vultr, in part because of a Dallas data center, and I’ve been VERY happy with the service. Gone from 10k users a month to over 500k users a month (unique) and where the DO servers struggled at 10k, Vultr handles without issue at 500k+. But the data center location plays a huge part in that for me, so you need to look at the whole picture.


Thanks @btreece appreciate you sharing that.


I run several sites on a Vultr server. I have problems related to Varnish on a regular basis. I have disabled it on several of the sites I host because they are completely broken with Varnish enabled. I don’t know if this would happen on DO, too, but as a manager for client sites (basically reselling hosting), the problems are substantial enough that I am once again looking for a new platform.


Cheapest and best rarely go together. Also know this is not a cpanel. You may struggle managing a reseller situation.


We’ve got a client on DO with Cloudways pulling 3tb/month with over 100k uniques per 24 hours and it handles it with ease. We’re also using Cloudflare and some site optimisation so the site is lightning fast.

Google Cloud was slower overall and Amazon was expensive. Didn’t try Vultr.