Digital Ocean 1GB / 3 vCPU and 2GB / 2 vCPU


Are there any plans to introduce these DO servers on Cloudways?
Perhaps they are new on DO, I don’t remember seeing them before.

Currently, I don’t need more RAM on my server, but certain tasks like cache preloading or Wordfence scans kill my 1 CPU, so I would be very interested to upgrade my server to 1GB / 3 vCPU / 60 GB or 2GB / 2 vCPU / 60GB.

I think $25 - $27 on Cloudways would be a fair price and I think I would not hesitate much. Otherwise I might need to consider alternative providers…



Hello, is there anybody out there?
Does Cloudways staff attend these forums?
You could be earning a little more with me… and probably with some other people as well…


Hi there,

In support of Tom’s enquiry… I am interested in that plan as well.


I also would be interested in having these plans as a Cloudways option.

Same here - it would be very nice if Cloudways Supported these new plans!