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I saw there was a topic that touched on this, but didn’t completely explain, and I’ve tried to find a decent answer across the internet but I’m really struggling with this one;

Why is there such a vast difference in price for AWS & GCE vs the others provided by Cloudways?

My experience with any of them is extremely limited, and Cloudways seems to offer a great way to get a decent managed cloud server with a provider of your choosing but as far as I can see these are just compute instances/VPS which should have roughly a similar performance, right?

I can totally understand picking a provider with a DC closest to visitors, but beyond this I just don’t get it (even this is irrelevant if using a decent CDN). Speed benchmarks I’ve seen also seem to sometimes even put some like DigitalOcean ahead of AWS on like-for-like specs. 8gb 4core AWS is over 3 times the price of a DO machine - is it going to be 3 times better in some aspect?

I know I must be missing something so I’d really appreciate it if somebody could explain this to me, or point me to resources which would enlighten me and help me make an informed decision on which provider/server I should pick.

I performed some tests and already know that a fairly low spec DO machine is already consistently 20% faster than my current setup, so I’m happy with this but I’d rather know I’m picking a provider which may work out better for me.

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Hi there,

Just posting this here for reference.

Don’t forget that some providers like AWS you’re also paying for the branding, they all might have their own sauce to the recipe, yet yes they are all VPS; from a commercial view, if one chooses to take a machine or AWS or DO, it doesn’t really make a difference for Cloudways. In fact within Cloudways you are free to move provider any time you want without the hassles of creating more accounts, thus everything still remains under one hood.

Moving your server closer to your traffic source does still help in my opinion. Yes static stuff which can be cached will fly over the CDN irrespective of where your server is, yet what dynamic content which your server will need to serve? Your full page load time will still be effected by that. AWS in this terms, has the most extensive list of data centres available, thus you’re more flexible on how to position yourself.

In terms of picking the “best” one for your use, I would say pick the one which does make financial sense for you while giving you the best performance. Milage will vary from project to project, thus people might always have different views.

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Thank you - exactly what I was after.

Really appreciated.

You’re welcome - feel free to call back here or get back to Cloudways support if you require more information.