Did You Know: Cloudways Platform Also Supports HTTP/2 for SSL-Enabled Applications

Cloudways is a feature rich platform that provides your web application a robust performance and enhanced security. In the race of cloud hosting features, Cloudways has also integrated HTTP/2 in the stack. By default, HTTP/2 is enabled on all servers launched after 22nd September 2016. But before 22nd September 2016, HTTP/2 has to be enabled on all servers manually.

HTTP/2 was a major update to the HTTP network protocol. For the last 20 years, HTTP/1.1 ruled the global internet. We cannot deny the fact that the web applications have adopted advanced technologies significantly in every possible aspect.

However, with the passage of time HTTP lacked on so many potential grounds. HTTP 1.1 has no session endpoint-identity feature, and hackers can replicate the last session to compromise the accounts.

HTTP/2 has its root based on the sketch of SPDY protocol. SPDY is an open-specification networking protocol developed by Google which aims to look after some performance difficulties with HTTP/1.1.

HTTP/2 provides faster performance, reduces response time, and improves SEO rankings. Multiplexing, Stream Priority, and Header Compression are some of the unique techniques used by HTTP/2.

Also, HTTP/2 supports most of the web browsers over SSL only. That means SSL is mandatory for your web app to get the benefits of HTTP/2. For further details, please check this KB:


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