CW Migrator plugin


I migrated a site from SiteGround to CW recently. The site is very basic - home page, theme and plugins.

I used CW Migrator plugin, everything seemed to migrate over, but when I opened the .htaccess file my custom code was not visible. Turns out my .htaccess file did migrate but the file name was changed in the process. Therefore the .htaccess file I was looking at on the server was the default file.

Anyone else experienced this or any other issue with their plugin?

Which probably means there’s a htaccess backup file in the root directory (or you can grab the original from the old site). And you’ll need to resolve what needs to go into the htaccess file from between the two.

Migrators often disable htaccess mods to avoid installation issues.

Thanks Garth,

I tried the All In One WP Migration plugin and had exactly the same issue. Which is a bit odd, because I’ve not experienced that with AIOWPM before. So either they’ve changed their plugin or there is something specific to CW going on.

Yes, I keep a local copy of htaccess, wp-config and robot.txt for all my sites.

Thanks gain.

Re your post below. You might want to inform your support team, they said the htaccess file should migrate over.

Migrator plugins usually target WP and database files. .htaccess and other files outside of default WordPress files are excluded.