Current promo shows how you treat existing customers

BFCM promo is only for new customers, us that we pay $2000 yearly, who cares. Along with your support that is in 60% incapable of solving an issue … I dont even know why we pay anything.

You don’t understand much about marketing do you?


While you are beating your drum, you better target Netflix, Sprint, godaddy, hostgator, your landlord, and everyone else that offers an incentive to get you sign up. :thinking: your logic makes no sense.

I will agree with you on the support, they need to work on this.

Look I run and manage a business that spends 50k€+ a month on marketing. Generating returns of 4x.

Based solely on your website, I do know much more about marketing then you do.

I actually OWN a business rather than managing one (actually more than 1 but whatever).

Thank you for proving you know absolutely nothing about online marketing though. Anyone that brags about 4x ROAS is clearly complacent and should be replaced. If ANY of my employees thought that was acceptable, I’d fire them on the spot.

Put your dick away buddy - mine will ALWAYS be bigger than yours.

“offers an incentive to get you sign up” is a good thing, and it also needs to be combined with incentive to existing customers as a loyalty reward. Why, maybe to prevent them from ‘leaving’. If no one is leaving, then the Cloudways has no incentive to reward existing customers.

However, a fair compensation is to make an offer that is applicable once per account. So if I registered without getting the promo offer, IMO it should still be applicable to me, at least once in my accounts lifetime, just for the heck of it. Because this tingles my ego and and I have to ask the question, am I important to you Cloudways?

And I agree also with you guys on the support, they need to work on it. I got issues once about the performance of the server and asked what specs would suit my website, a guy called and explained they have a service contract $100/month for 6 months to “tweak, maximize” my configuration and make it faster. So they are forwarding their premium support ad-on to enhance support experience.

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Yeah that employees though:

You might as well try the porn industry. You are the perfect match: Dick + Mouth

This business model is standard marketing practice and is as old as time. You can substitute Cloudways for any other business and this fact. You can wait for something to go on sale or your can buy full price now. You will not win this argument and it comes off as cheap.

We are not talking about business model, market practice yes, but not business model.

We will substitute Cloudways not really that much because of price but more because of not really being worth the 100% price margin.

You could go somewhere like flywheel or kinsta, where the price margin is 400% and they still have promotions

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the utilization of promotional discounts. Folks in this thread have already clarified the concept behind BFCM promotion. However, if you still have any queries related to that, feel free to reach out directly.

As far as the support is concerned. All of our customers enjoy the standard support which we have already improved by doubling the staff and introducing an in-house academy to train the engineers to troubleshoot complex queries more efficiently. The standard support is available 24/7/365 for every customer and covers everything from server management to the platform support.

Server level customization is not covered inside the standard support as defined in our support scope. This is something not required by the majority of our customers and the customers who wish to customize their server can opt for this support add-on.

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Perfect confirmation, someone says (me) that is leaving and they dont even seem to care.