CRUD operations taking minutes to show effect but changes will been shown in database [RESOLVED]

I have a website, when I insert, update or delete a data from it from the database, the changes will take effect quickly in the database, for example, the data will quickly be to the database, but the effect will take minutes to be shown in the website.(This long time happens only for the first time always, when I perform an INSERT. For example, the first time for it to show in the website takes 2 minutes, but the second time on wards it loads up quickly.

Hello @Hossein,

If you are using Varnish cache then please disable it from server and application.

Go to Server Management -> Manage Services -> Purge varnish and then disable it.

Similarily, go to Application Management -> Application Settings -> disable varnish.

Also, if you have browser caching enabled, disable that as well.

Ibad Rehman

Thank you for your reply, Yes, that was the solution which I founded it yesterday myself after struggling for almost 2 complete days. Anyways, thanks again for your support.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I’m glad that you found out the solution.