Cross application permissions, PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce

So I have two different applications with WP + WooCommerce.
Since both belong to the same owner he asked me of a backoffice solution to retrieve data from both at the same time.

Currently I’m stuck on file permissions. From withing a PHP file I wanted to load each of the WP instances with the corresponding wp-load.php and retrieve the data like I did with the single instance before. But on requiring the wp-load.php on the second application I get a permission denied error.

I already tried setting both applications to the master user but I still get the same error.

Do you have any pointers?

Kind regards


I think you will get better help regarding this on Stackoverflow or Advance WordPress groups. I wish I could help more.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try there. I’m currently focused on the permission issue because it happens even withing the same user.