Create Staging site but

Hello to the community,
I would like to create a staging version of my website.
I followed the Cloudways guide:
It’s easy to setup.

However, considering the big size of the website I wish to copy (25gb) and the available size on my server (28gb). I would like to duplicate the application but without heavy folder to make it lighter. Do you know a way of doing it?
Yesterday, I created a staging version with everything included, so it was very heavy, and my Cloudways free disk available was quite limited (3gb) which made the server slow. To make it better, I decided to remove the big folder manually via Filezilla but it was taking too much time…after 1 hour it wasn’t done (looks like removing heavy files isn’t that easy). I had to stop the process and removed directly the staging website on Cloudways admin. So now I’m back to normal, with no staging website.
What are my options?
-> recreate a staging website and remove the big folder the quickway? how to?
-> create a staging website where I can select the folders I want to duplicate?

I hope I’m clear,
Thanks a lot,

Depending on what you’re doing - you could look at duplicating the app onto a new server.

This may not be very practical if you’re wanting to make a lot of changes and then push them back to your live app - but it might be suitable if you’re simply wanting to test out a new plugin or something (once you confirm it works then delete that new server and set up the plugin again on your live site).

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Hello @michael3,

While creating a staging site you only have the option of selecting the database and web files. Unfortunately, you can not pick and choose the folders individually.

The faster way of removing the folder is to delete them using the terminal and not the FTP. You might experience improvement in speed while performing this operation using the command-line tool.

Ibad Rehman

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Thank you for your help both of you. Have been really useful.
I’m not able to use the SSH command (error messages) so I’m doing it manually with FTP…

I have a question regarding the status of the staging website regarding Google. Is the staging website no indexed/nofollowed by Google search. I don’t want Google or other search engines to crawl this website. Is it something set automatically by Cloudways when creating a staging website?


Yes, staging sites are by default no indexed/nofollowed.

Ibad Rehman

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