Create Drupal application?

I used CloudWays a couple months ago to create a Drupal site and had no problems. Now when I go to add an application to a server, there no longer seems to be an option to create a Drupal application. The only options are WordPress, Woocommerce, PHP, Laravel and Magento.

Did Cloudways remove Drupal support recently?

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Here is a screenshot of the dropdown menu I am referring to.


I had a chat with a support technician some days ago. He told me, that Drupal and Joomla are “deprecated” and will not be available as installable packages in the future :frowning:

Nevertheless, you can still install Drupal easily by setting aup a PHP custom app. Justo connect via SFTP and delete the index.php from public_html folder. Upload the newest Drupal or Joomla as a zip or tar and extract it via SSH connection. Go to you application URL and the manual install will start. You just have to fill in you SQL-connection data an will have Drupal or Joomla installed within a minute.

The really annoying thing about this is, that the preconfigured Drupal packages came with drush out of the box. And drush will not be installed if you just create a PHP application.

I opened a ticket about that topic recently and still waiting. Would be really sad, if Cloudways goes the direction everone else goes and becomes just another Wordpress hoster. For me, not having drush would be a huge dealbreaker which would lead me to change the hoster.

Hope there will be a solution soon, or some people might move their application to other hosting providers.

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Thanks! This is basically what I ended up doing.

I was able to get drush installed by installing it with composer and setting an alias in ~/.bash_aliases. This seems to work, but I haven’t tested it too much yet.

Either way, this is a very disappointing change. I have been considering CloudWays as an alternative for Pantheon and this change is making very wary about making that change.

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I just set up a test Drupal installation on a Digital Ocean Server. I fould out, that drush (8.1.5) is available there out of the box, because it’s a standard Debian package. Nevertheless - this change is really annoying.

*And a little bit cheeky too, as Cloudways still advertises Drupal and Joomla hosting.

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In case anyone is looking for a way to install Drush on a Cloudways server, just follow these steps

  1. run composer global require drush/drush:dev-master
  2. run nano ~/.bash_aliases (this file probably does not exist yet)
  3. add the line alias drush='$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin/drush'
  4. save the file, restart the server to test. You should now be able to run the drush command from within a site’s public_html directory
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