CPU USAGE 100% showing as problematic


My cpu usage is showing as 100%. How to figure it out… whats causing this… Kindly let me know


Can be a number of reasons that causes this. Without any details, it is hard to pinpoint.

Some general questions to figure out can include:
What server are you using?
Resource amounts?
And how many / what type of applications do you have on it?
How heavy is your daily traffic?
How may visitors / people work on or use the applications at a given time?

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Hello @claadssclassifieds,

There can be several reasons behind the CPU usage. Did you try contacting the support? If yes, please share the support ticket with me so I can investigate into this.

Ibad Rehman

Also, make sure if you are looking at the detail reporting its idle CPU means CPU which is not being used. As I am sure with at 100% CPU usage your site won’t work properly and you most likely had already contacted CloudWays support.

yes i did… i have raised a ticket today - Request #168744… kindly do the needful

thank you

i see… yes i have contacted the support. but no use

It is a classifieds website. didnt face any such problem earlier. all of sudden getting this problem.
not that much traffic to the website. hardly 30 to 40 visitors a day.