Cpanel user here

I am self taught. old. out of step. but i like the idea of cloudways and think it is the host of the future but I am having a dilly of a time. So sub domains. cpanel is easy. what i am used to. sub domains still have their own unique domain name and i usually bought a dedicated ip address and would host many on one ip addy and the ones i actually really did something on i usually had a dedicated ip address.
here is am not so sure what in the world is happening. so sub domains where do i add them?? so anyway after a few weeks ive purchased the domain add on program a couple days ago. no one has asked me for my login info for the registrar. how are they doing the changing the nameservers?? are they changing nameservers?
why is my gsuite not working anymore? it has something to do with the verification which used to work. cloudways says ever so politely it is with google. google tech says it is with godaddy . and of course godaddy says they have no idea what i am talking about because they dont handle the email.
but anyway i had to switch to slack cause i cant find out what i need to change. pretty sure it is here.
and now i really need to put up a another wp on a domain here but i cant find where they are. I need a blank one so i can work with the new wp. i built sites with http back in 2000 and everything is changed. so im trying to do a refresher on wp got anew workbook and dont want to work on the one that is here cause i have woocommerce on it. i do like woocommerce and really dont want to delete it so that i can start over. my stores on ebay and etsy and ecrater are doing fine. but i do like to have back up actual sites to protect myself from the big corporations getting their pants in a tizzy.
so i dont really need these sites to work but it would be nice. i like to resell my domains but i put up a site with some adsense and dropshipping maybe and do some seo and then sell in a year or two. its how i supported my family ten years ago. so been out for 5 years, an eternity.
anyone have any books, web sites, the KBS usually are not anything like what i see. some are better than others. but young tech college educated people speak an entirely different language than I do. i might as well be speaking Greek. Their idea of a server and my idea of a server are completely different.